A Kitchen torch is one of the best appliances that will provide great help to your kitchen. If you like your dishes with great caramelized or smoky taste, you should get a great kitchen torch. But using it properly on your food items is essential, so here will see the steps to use a kitchen torch properly.

Use a Kitchen Torch

Buy a Kitchen Torch:

The first step is to buy a good kitchen torch that has a fuel gauge which will help you to notify the fuel left in your torch. Buy the one that has a hands-free operation in it, so that you can use them without constantly holding down the torch.

Take Safety Precautions:

While using the kitchen torch, make sure you turn on the kitchen fan and place it on a surface which is clear by removing the flammable things present on your kitchen table. Wear the apron and start using the kitchen torch.

Place your Food items on the sturdy metal tray:

Before turning on the Kitchen torch, make sure you have prepared your food and placed it in a steel or metal tray, but no plastics. Once again check there are no flammables or plastics in your work area.

Light the Torch:

Now, you can turn on the kitchen torch and light it before showing it on to the food. Initially, you will get a yellow or orange flame but you have to wait till you have seen the blue flame.

Torching the Food:

Sometimes, you might have used the blow torch for many times to caramelize or smoke the food. In such a situation, the nozzle of your torch will be dirty, so clean it properly. Cleaning the nozzle is essential to avoid the bad taste of your food. When using the torch, make sure you are avoiding the use of the torch over your body. It is essential to stay cautious while using the torch.

Use it in Slow, Sweeping motion:

While using the culinary torch, you should use them back and forth all over the food but not use it at one spot. Using the torch at one spot will burn the food leading to the poor taste of food.

Turn off the Gas:

After torching the food, you should switch off the hands-free operation and then turn off the gas too. When you are not using the hands-free version, release the ‘on’ torch followed by turning off the blow torch.

Thus, following the above methods you can make use of the kitchen torch to carry out various tasks such as baking the fish or meat, making grill marks, caramelizing sugar on desserts, roast the peppercorns, etc. You should use the culinary torch to cook specific dishes and not all.

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