Non-vegetarian food is loved by many, and when it comes to cooking meat at home, the important tool required for chopping off the meat and bones with ease is a best meat cleaver. A meat cleaver is not just required by cooks alone, but individuals at home who would love to try out their cooking skills, also require a meat cleaver. Using a meat cleaver without experience and practice can end up risky. Hence it is important to choose a meat cleaver wisely.

Best Meat Cleaver

Let us now see the key points in choosing the right meat cleaver for your house or business.


Based on your usage, the meat cleaver is chosen for its operation. In case you are a vegetarian, buying a good meat cleaver is a total waste. You wouldn’t want the meat cleaver lying in your kitchen with minimal to no use. Being a non-vegetarian serves its purpose right. The work of a meat cleaver not just restricts the chopping of meat but also separates chicken thighs, chops through bones and carcasses.


The design of the meat cleaver plays a key role in its performance. Comfort and compactness are what everyone prefers. The cleaver comes with various designs that help the user to chop the bones that enable easy separation of meat. The blades should have a laser tested sharp edge and should be broader for a smooth and easy cut through the bones. The blades should be made of resilient steel, which requires tempering at a range of about 58 HRC. This ensures the blades never bends or buckles while cutting.


The weight of the cleaver is also taken into account when choosing it. The cleavers come with different shapes and sizes too; the three common designs are western, wedge-shaped, and Chinese chef knife. The cleaver should be of moderate weight and should be easier for handling and chopping. The individual should be able to hold and fit perfectly for a good chop. The balance of weight and comfort should be maintained. The cleaver shouldn’t be too heavy or light, and this purely depends on the individual’s choice.


Whatever be the product, price is one fact that cannot be overlooked. For a cook who has worked with a cleaver daily would prefer the best meat cleaver that might cost a good sum of money. But for an individual, who does not have regular use, he can buy an affordable meat cleaver for his use.


When choosing a cleaver, the length of the best meat cleaver is also important. The chopping can go wrong if the right length of the cleaver is not chosen. The right height of the meat cleaver ranges from 7 to 7.75 inches in length and height of 3.25 inches. The blades should be designed to withstand corrosion and rust also since they are either covered with blood and water.

It is better to look over the above instructions before choosing a meat cleaver to avoid spending hours on chopping the meat without any progress.


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