Today I want to tell you about the six most stinky foods in the world. At the end of this blog post you will be familiar with six most unpalatable food. So without wasting any time let’s start today’s blog post.

Top Six Most Unpalatable Foods

1. Canned mackerel:-

This food has become a net red food some time ago, because the smell it emits is very disgusting, and this kind of thing can’t be opened in a small space at all. Otherwise, this taste will fill the whole space, so when someone is chasing the fertilizer, you must choose to eat outside the open space, otherwise, people will feel particularly uncomfortable when it smells. In short, it is also recognized as a very disgusting food.

2. Durian:-

This kind of fruit, durian, can also be regarded as the heaviest type of fruit, and this kind of fruit is only very small in our country, and most of it is imported, although the fruit smells. It is especially stinky, but for those who love to eat, it feels like this smell is fragrant, and it tastes soft and soft in the mouth. It is very delicious, but the taste of this food is delicious. It is particularly large, so many places do not allow customers to bring this food in.

3. Bean juice:-

This kind of food can be said to be very popular in Beijing, and it is also an authentic snack. This kind of snack may only be used by local people who can eat it. When they taste the bean juice for the first time. I feel a little like the smell of drowning, but it is very delicious for Beijingers, and it is good for the body after eating.

4. Kyivak:-

This kind of food is one of the foods that Eskimos like very much. After killing Haiyan, they will be placed in the poster category, then buried in the soil, and after a while, they can eat. I can imagine the smell of this taste.

5. Korean cod fillet:-

Which is also a top-grade ingredient in Korea, but its taste is particularly rich. This food and spicy taste are similar, but it tastes higher than pepper. About 14 times, and when eating this kind of food, you should not breathe in a big mouth, otherwise, it will make people unbearable.

6. Stinky tofu:-

I believe that many people can’t accept stinky tofu, you can smell the smell of it, and when you see it, it is all dark, and people are gone. Appetite, and in many places, it is not allowed to bring this food to the plane, because the taste is too strong.


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