Hello, welcoming you all into another amazing blog. In this particular blog we are going answer the following question. How to make boys attitude status video. I have explained it with very simple steps. So to make the attitude status video just obey the following steps.

How to make boys attitude status video

Importing Part:-

To make the boys attitude status video you need a help of an application named Alight Motion. If you don’t have this application, you can simply download it by clicking below download button. I am providing you the 3.6.1 version of this application because you need latest version to import the project which i will provide you in further blog.

● After downloading and installing the alight motion application. You need to import an a beat mark project to make the attitude status video.
● In this beat mark project i have marked the beats of song that we are going to use.
● You can import this beat mark project by clicking below button.

(Note📝: PRESET link can only be import on 3.4.3 or above version of alight motion)

● Now open the beat mark project you have just imported. Here you will see the red mark on timeline.
● This are basically the beats of our song. So now add the mp3 song by choosing audio option.
● I have provided the download link of song below. So just download and add the song.

Editing Part:-

● After adding the song, delete the default image present in that project.
● Select the “Images & Videos” option and add a black plexus background from the starting of song.
● Cut the extra part of background video from the third red line.
● You can download this black plexus background using below button.

● Add a attitude dialogue text png using Images and videos option.
● Now extend this text png layer upto the third red line mark.
● Cut the text png layer from the position of first and second red line.
● Download link of this text png is available below.

● Now you have to apply a shake effect to the added text png.
● To apply the shake effect firstly you have to import an another project.
● You can import this project from below button.
● In this project i have provided all the effects which are required to make the attitude status.

(Note📝: PRESET link can only be import on 3.4.3 or above version of alight motion)

If you are using older version of alight motion, then you can import this shake effect project by downloading the XML file. You can download this file by using below XML file link button.

(Note📝 : XML file can only be import on 3.3.5 3.3.0 & 3.1.4 version of alight motion)

● After importing shake projects copy the shake effect from imported project and apply it to main project.
● Start adding the images from the position of third red line.
● If you want the images that i used in my video, then join the telegram channel. There you get all the images in HD quality.

● Apply the shake effect to all added images from the above imported project.
● Now create a red flash effect from the desired position.
● After that add a black shadow png from third red line.
● Adjust the added shadow png according to your need.
● You can download this black shadow png from below button.

● Come to the position of third red line and add the dialogue text png which we have added earlier.
● Extend the layer of text png till the end of song.
● Adjust this text png using the move and transfer option.
● To enhance the beauty of our video, add a another fire sparkle overlay from the position of third red line.
● After adding the overlay choose the “Blending & Opacity” option and apply the screen effect.
● You can download this overlay video from below button link.

● At the end add a white border png from the starting of song.
● We have added the border to just attract the viewers.
● Downloadable link of this white border png is available below.

Exporting Part:-

After following all the step mentioned above your video is ready to export. To export the video just click the share button and save your video. If you face any problems regarding this video, then you can refer my youtube video. Link is given below.👇

If you had any queries about today’s blog then feel free to share with us by using comment box. We will try to solve your queries as early as possible. Thank you for your valuable time😊


SK CREATION · May 3, 2021 at 8:14 am

भाऊ नाद व्हिडिओ बनवतो 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Suraj Wavhal · May 31, 2021 at 8:03 am

Shake effect yet nahiye bhava alight motion updated aahe kay kru

Sarvesh sakpal · June 15, 2021 at 7:32 am


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